Harriet Shorr: Still Life Out of Doors

February 9-13, 2009 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Lecture date February 11, 7:30 PM

Cost: $565.00

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This workshop will take the participants into the tropical vegetation,   architecture and watery views of the West Palm Beach neighborhood to paint their chosen objects "en plein air", or out of doors in natural light. The artists will work on small oil studies of their objects in the setting and then spend time in the studio, using the objects and studies it create a larger painting. The workshop will emphasize realizing the effects of light and shadow through color, as well as the challenge of translating spontaneous smaller work onto a larger canvas.


Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts

Art VT

Purchase College, SUNY

  CONTACT:  hshorr@gmail.com